A short (40 minute) river bus trip from the Embankment Pier took us down the Thames to Greenwich.  We’ve been really lucky with the weather here but the day we took a boat trip started out very grey and wet. It was nice to get a different view of the city, perhaps similar to the Vikings as they sailed in looking for booty to plunder. Except they wouldn’t have seen high rise buildings.

Greenwich, home of GMT, had my GPS showing lots of zeros.  0 deg. longitude is clearly marked at the observatory, meaning we had to get in line to take photos of ourselves there.  The observatory is on a hill, a short walk from town centre, and has a nice view back down to the river.  The observatory was very interesting with good displays about time and navigation, which once mastered opened up the world to sailors.

The Cutty Sark was a sleek sailing ship and is now well preserved near the dock.  It was around as steam ships began to emerge but kept busy shipping tea from China and wool from Australia.  A crew of around 26 manned it.  The Captain’s quarters were not huge, but definitely more luxurious that the rest.  There was no wasted space.

We had a look through the Queens House, a former Royal residence from the 1600’s but now houses galleries of mainly nautical artwork.  Lots of portraits of stern looking sea captains etc., it was a fairly quick look through for us.

The weather had improved for the boat ride back to downtown.  After dinner at an Italian restaurant we came across, we headed for the Shaftesbury Theatre.  One of the first shows we saw on our trip was ‘Memphis’, and we enjoyed it so much that we wanted to go again before we left town. The lead singer was Beverly Knight, billed as ‘Queen of English Soul’. She was amazing but the rest of the cast were equally impressive.

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